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A goal without a plan is just a wish.
―Antoine de Saint-Exupry

Plan: a detailed formulation of a program of action; a method for achieving an end.

What made you successful? Was it luck? Or was it hard work that was planned out over a period of years? For most successful people there was one underlying, guiding principle...they understood the power of creating, implementing and following a plan. They do not just "wish" their way to success. We believe the same is true in the management of your financial assets to achieve your future goals and dreams. You cannot just wish your way to future success and we are here to help you create a plan that is as unique as you are. It's not enough to just work on one aspect of the plan. It must be a proactive and all-encompassing solution to potential threats to your financial success. At Tushaus Wealth Management, your Wealth Advisor will work with CPA's, estate planning attorneys, insurance and investment professionals to address your needs in the following areas:

Wealth Plan - The Blueprint for your Financial Future

Your Wealth Plan is the financial centerpiece of all the moving parts in your life. Developing a successful Wealth Plan involves a four step process that will help us evaluate your current financial situation, where you are today, and what your goals and aspirations are for tomorrow. We will create a long-term cash flow planning for inflows and outflows, driven by your Family Wealth Index. We will formalize and implement the specific parts of the plan that are so important to your financial future. This is just the beginning and the plan will be reviewed and modified as necessary to make sure it is current and dynamic.

Portfolio Management

Our investment strategies provide your with the proactive service you need to achieve your goals. Many investors fall short of their long-term goals because they are controlled by their emotions and tend to make reactive rather than proactive decisions. We can help by treating your investments like a business, rationally and objectively, by following the professional standards of a prudent process. With your input, we will formulate a disciplined approach including a process for making strategic decisions. This will be communicated to you in a written investment plan that sets realistic goals and provides for market fluctuations, allowing you to focus on your long-term needs and not the day to day volatility of the financial markets.

Risk Management

We will thoroughly identify and evaluate risks that could have serious consequences on your financial well-being and work with our Insurance Specialists to determine long-term solutions. We will evaluate your life, long-term care and disability coverage and make sure that not only do you have the proper protection, but that they are necessary and specific to your financial needs.

It is important that we communicate and work well with other professionals that are important to your financial success, especially in the areas of Estate and Tax Planning.

Estate Planning

An area that is vital to the successful distribution of your assets when you want and to whom you want. There is no better time to plan for this important aspect of your life than today. Tomorrow will come, and probably much sooner than we think. You've worked hard to accumulate the assets you have, so take control now to make sure your wishes are fulfilled in the future. We look forward to working with your estate planning attorney and if needed, we will refer you to attorneys who are currently helping our clients.

Tax Planning

This is a very important area that is often forgotten until April 15th of each year. We find that most people do not consult and plan with a tax professional during the year and only seek out their guidance when it is time to file their tax returns. The time to meet with ataxprofessionalis early in the year so that you can get the bestadviceas early as possible. We work with tax planning specialists whom could become a very valuable part of your Wealth Planning Team. Don't wait until it is time to getreadyto file your return - start before the year even begins.