Disciplined Investment Management

Executing Rigorous, Not Rigid Investment Management

Disciplined investment strategies are the foundation of our investment management process, and are specific to your Family Wealth Index. Our process is based upon these four fundamental beliefs that establish the foundation of our investment philosophy: 

  1. The goal is to meet or exceed your calculated Family Wealth Index. The goal is an absolute return objective specific to your future goals and needs and is not to beat arbitrary market indices. We want to use what the financial markets have to offer in helping to meet your Family Wealth Index over your investment time period.
  2. Your primary risk is not achieving your Family Wealth Index. If you avoid short-term volatility and fail to achieve your Family Wealth Index, then you fail. Short-term volatility, while important to address, is a secondary risk consideration. Simply put, it is the price you pay for the opportunity to achieve desired higher returns often necessary to meet or exceed your Family Wealth Index. 
  3. Most active investment managers are not style pure. Style mix of managers should be accounted for in the portfolio construction process and our strategies will include active as well as passive. We want to make sure that the active managers invest in the areas that they claim to and that you are not unintentionally over-weighted in any area that may not be helpful in achieving your Family Wealth Index
  4. The calculation for the Family Wealth Index is event driven by changes in your financial circumstances and the financial markets. Event Driven Investing is designed to help avoid the emotional hazards of market timing and other potentially destructive investment decision making temptations. Your investments will be reviewed and strategically allocated to the portfolio that gives you the an opportunity of achieving your Family Wealth Index.